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The Comprehensive Restorative Aesthetic Hygienist

There is an old adage that says, "If it has been done, it must be possible." Well, Deborah Hartley, RDH is the 'real thing' of dental hygiene and is known for being the most profitable hygienist in the country.

She is the master of her chosen profession in that she continually writes about it, teaches with the intense, high-wrought emotion that compels to action, and enthusiastically continues to practice her skills on a daily basis.

Deborah discusses how she not only increased her hygiene production to over $23,000 per month with a net profit of over $100,000 per year working only 3 1/2 days per week but will give you the necessary education and tools on how you can do it too.

So what is the true value of hygiene?

I've found hygiene, when allowed to function at its fullest potential, can mean many things to a practice: quality patient care with improved patient satisfaction, constant flow of compelled target referrals, increased acceptance (sales) of dental products, increased direct revenue and profitability, a more efficient and cohesive staff, and a much happier boss!
--Deborah Dopson-Hartley, RDH

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